ASET has merged with NPS - Learn more here.
ASET is merging with NPS - Learn more here.
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ASET Job Placement Program

We know it can be difficult to find a electrocardiography job after you’ve become certified. But the good news is we can help you with the process. Through our free job placement program, we can assist you with your resume, help you locate current job openings near you, and even contact potential employers on your behalf.

Here’s how it works.

EKG Student Works With Her Adviser
Step 1

Take and pass the ASET National Electrocardiography Certification Exam. Become nationally certified and receive a digital copy of your new certification.

EKG Tech First Day Working In Hospital
Step 2

Upload your current resume and allow the ASET education department to professionally revise it in medical formatting and attach a copy of your certification within 48 hours. This allows employers on job placement sites to better see your qualifications, making them more likely to schedule an interview.

Doctor And EKG Technicians Review EKG Tape
Step 3

Finally, ASET will provide you with a full employer list within the city you’d like to be employed. We’ll also provide interview coaching tips, review common interview questions, and ensure you’re confidently ready for job success.

In addition, we will also assist you in contacting potential employers and send a letter of recommendation on your behalf.


American Society of EKG Technicians is a proud partner with Phlebotek the world’s largest electrocardiography staffing agency. Once you’ve gained your CET Certification through us, you will receive an email with information on how to apply with Phlebotek and what to expect. Once you’ve submitted your application, if there is an assignment in your area that you’re a good fit for, a staffing coordinator will contact you to discuss further. Phlebotek is actively searching for qualified and professional EKG Technicians, don’t delay!

Doctor And EKG Tech

Your ASET certification also means you have access to the newest electrocardiography jobs in the industry. Our verification process provides instant CET certification status to employers and members, which is crucial for last-minute job opportunities.

You’ve worked hard for your certification, and we want you to know we’re here with you all the way. If our CET-certified members aren’t thriving in the electrocardiography field, we can’t provide our services. If you don’t succeed, then we don’t either.


Contact our education department now for more information. We are ready to put your to work. Are you ready?

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