You are preparing to submit an appeal to our education department. Please fill out the form below to provide full details of your specific situation. Please allow 72 hours for your appeal to be processed.

If you believe that there was a test question with a serious problem (e.g., no correct answer, more than one right answer), you must submit an appeal.

To begin your appeal, please provide us with the full question text, the answer you provided, a picture or screenshot of your exam statistics including the question and all possible answers and explain why you believe it should be reviewed.

Test questions should not be challenged because you believe they are too hard, trick questions, irrelevant or you could not find the correct answer in the ASET provided study materials.

ASET will only communicate the results of candidate appeals if they affect the candidate’s performance and an appeal is found to be valid. ASET will contact candidates about their appeals, as appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: You may only submit one appeal per exam question. Do not call the agency or your adviser to discuss your appeal, all appeals communication must be handled via form submission and email communication to ensure proper documentation.